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New York Giants' news, 9/26: Can brave talk equal better play?

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New York Giants' headlines for Thursday, 9/26.

Streeter Lecka

Can the New York Giants turn thing around after an 0-3 start? The Giants Wednesday did their best to sound upbeat and put a positive spin on their situation. Whether or not that is all just empty talk remains to be seen. Here, though, is some of what players -- and other media members -- were saying.

Eli Manning: Giants have 'great opportunity'

Can the Giants flip the script, taking their terrible start to the season and turning it into a good finish? Here is quarterback Eli Manning on that topic:

"We feel we have a great opportunity to change things around and get some momentum. We can't change the start of the season, but we can start right now and change the ending," Manning said on Wednesday. "I think now we have time to fix it. ... we have a lot of time in the season to make amends, and so obviously it starts this week."

Antrel Rolle: Giants have to stick together

Earlier this week a frustrated Antrel Rolle ranted during his weekly appearance on WFAN radio. Wednesday, a calmer Rolle implored his teammates to stick together.

"That's all we have. That's all we have at this point is to stay together," Rolle said. "I don't think there's an option for us in this locker room, I think we all understand what we have to do at hand. I think, as an individual, we need to take care of ourselves and collectively we need to come together better as a team. You know, just play for the guy beside you. I think we all understand that."

Terrell Thomas: Giants will be 'different team'

Cornerback Terrell Thomas expects a better effort from the Giants on Sunday.

"We're going to fight. We got socked in our mouth last weekend. That's not what the New York Giants are all about. We've got players on this team that have won two Super Bowls, so they know about being tough and being resilient in the moment and understanding everything," Thomas said. :It's disheartening. It's sad. We all felt sorry for ourselves, but we're over that now. We had a great day of practice. We're going to keep building and keep getting better and keep motivating and keep pushing each other. We'll definitely be a different team come Sunday."

Around The Inter-Google

Jason Pierre-Paul said Wednesday he is "pretty sure" the Giants will win Sunday in Kansas City.

ESPN's Dan Graziano says the Giants are showing a lot of "false enthusiasm" this week.

Asked Wednesday if he can lift the team by himself, Eli Manning said "All I can do is go out there and do my job." Daily News columnist Gary Myers thinks Manning needs to do more than that.

Steve Serby of the New York Post wonders if the veteran players on the Giants who have two Super Bowl rings have become complacent.

Gil Brandt of says "Big Blue looks doomed."

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