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Justin Pugh vs. Justin Houston looks like a mismatch

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Rookie right tackle draws league-leader in quarterback sacks on Sunday

Justin Houston
Justin Houston

Rookie right tackle Justin Pugh of the New York Giants gets the unenviable task on Sunday of trying to slow down Kansas City Chiefs' linebacker Justin Houston, who already has 7.5 sacks this season. Houston had 4.5 of those last weekend against the Philadelphia Eagles.

"I’m going to give it everything I’ve got. When I come off that field I’m going to know that I fought that guy and he’s going to know that we had a good day out there," Pugh said on Wednesday. "You have to go out there and fight."

Pugh, the Giants' first-round pick in 2013, has struggled in his first three games. He has surrendered two sacks and 16 quarterback pressures.

"You just go out there and play your game. You have to go out there, be physical, trust the technique and just keep working and getting better," Pugh said.

Houston was a third-round pick by the Chiefs in 2011. He had 10 sacks last season.

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