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Fantasy Football: New York Giants Start/Sit Week 4

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Coming off one of the worst losses in recent memory the New York Giants are faced with the task of trying to beat an undefeated Kansas City Chief team that's led by old foe Andy Reid. Trying to find a possible Fantasy starter will be a tough task.

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So that's what rock-bottom feels like. I thought I had seen the Giants hit it the week before when Eli Manning was busy throwing up jump balls to the entire Denver Broncos defensive backfield, but apparently that was just the beginning. The running backs getting hit in the backfield is our only staple running play at this point. At least we can count on having 2nd-and-11 when we script our first few offensive plays.

Well that's enough about last week. Hopefully our offense, as a whole, has a short memory, like the one a quarterback needs after throwing a tough interception, or a running-back needs after fumbling, or an offensive-lineman needs after letting up a sack. Oh wait....right, we should be just fine.

Now it's time to look on the bright side. We are facing that AFC West basement dwelling team from Kansas City this week. Wait, what happened? They are undefeated and have one of the best defenses in all of football. Their front seven has been a nightmare for opposing offenses, so don't get fooled by that 150-yard performance from LeSean McCoy last week. Justin Houston and Tamba Hali are licking their chops thinking about facing our beleaguered offensive unit.

Eli Manning -- Don't start him in any of your leagues.

I'm not going to even give a projection because this is just a horrible match-up at the exact worst time. The line needs to show they can keep him upright and they need to develop a running game so that he doesn't see all that coverage when he gets to the top of his drop-back.

David Wilson -- Don't start him if at all possible

With the first bye week officially here some owners are going to be forced to start David Wilson against the Kansas City Chiefs. I am not going to be one of them. I really do like Wilson and am holding him on my bench until the Giants get their act together.

Victor Cruz -- 7 receptions for 92 yards and a touchdown

I think Cruz is one of the only things Eli can count on at this point and he will be the beneficiary of that trust. I would still start him in any format this week.

Hakeem Nicks -- 5 receptions for 72 yards

Wel,l how are we supposed to get him in our lineups if he can't even throw the ball to himself. Okay, so he may have picked the wrong time to whine about getting his touches. Right now I don't know what to think of Nicks and his role in this offense. I have seen people put him on their buy low list because of his talent and the fact that there won't be another goose-egg, but I haven't seen anything as far as a defined role.

Brandon Myers -- 5 receptions for 52 yards

Myers is a terrible blocker. He is a slow version of what a finesse H-Back used to look like. I can't stand that he is on the field as much as he is, but what choice do the Giants have at this point? The good thing is he has shown good hands so far this year.

It's not the end of the world to have to sit your favorite players on the bench for a while until they figure it out. I am sure Eli Manning and David Wilson will be big-time performers at times this year, but I am going to have to wait until I see some improvement from the team as a whole before I put them in my lineups.

I hope everyone is off to 3-0 starts in their Fantasy Football leagues, but if not why not take a minute and let me know what is wrong with your current team in the comments below. Maybe I can help.

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