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Giants' Antrel Rolle agrees '200 percent' with Carl Banks

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Antrel Rolle lashed out at teammates during his weekly radio appearance on WFAN Tuesday.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

For better or worse, New York Giants' safety and defensive co-captain Antrel Rolle will always speak his mind. Tuesday during his weekly appearance on WFAN Rolle lashed out at his teammates, saying he agreed "200 percent" with Carl Banks that the Giants don't fight for each other.

"I agree 200 percent when (Banks) says that we’re not fighting for one another," Rolle told WFAN co-hosts Joe Benigno and Evan Roberts. "Do we like each other in our locker room? I believe so. There’s no one in our locker room that has problems with anyone. We’re all friends with one another, but are we going out there and fighting for the guy beside us? Absolutely not. There’s no way I can hide it, sugercoat it, whatever you want to say. There’s no way I can hide that."

Rolle wasn't done.

"Carolina came out and punched us in the mouth and we didn't do anything," Rolle said. "Something has to give, something has to happen. If it doesn't happen we will be in a world of trouble."

Rolle has one year left on his 5-year, $37.5-million contract. He said he doesn't "give damn what happens" in his future.

"From this point on, I don't care what the situation may be, I don't care what the outcome is," an emotional Rolle said. "I don't care what the hell has to happen. If they want to kick me up from around here, from the New York Giants, then that's gonna be what has to happen. But I'm gonna play Antrel Rolle ball the way I know how to play Antrel Rolle ball, and I'm gonna lead the way I know how to lead," Rolle said.

"That feeling that I felt last Sunday, I can never have that feeling again. I'm gonna do whatever it takes, anything it takes. And whatever the outcome is, it is what it is."

So, Antrel what exactly is wrong with the Giants?

"It goes deeper than the Xs and Os," Rolle said. "We need to do some serious soul-searching within our locker room."

Captain Rolle has laid it on the line as plainly as possible. Now, let's see if his teammates are capable of responding.

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