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NFL waiver order changes; New York Giants in top 6

The NFL waiver wire order changes today, and the 0-3 Giants are in the top 6.

Nick Laham

Tuesday marks the new order for the NFL waiver wire, one in which the claiming priority becomes based on the inverse order of the standings based on the current season. Up to now the order was based on last season's won0lost records.

Because of the new order, the New York Giants (0-3) will have a pick somewhere in the top six. Where exactly remains unknown, as the Washington Redskins, Pittsburgh Steelers, Jacksonville Jaguars, Minnesota Vikings and Tampa Bay Buccaneers join the Giants as the NFL's six winless teams.

The tiebreaker for these six squads is strength of schedule and by the team's opponents' record.

Team Record Strength of Schedule Opponents' Record
Giants 0-3 .480 6-3
Redskins 0-3 .498 4-5
Buccaneers 0-3 .500 8-1
Steelers 0-3 .492 7-2
Vikings 0-3 .516 6-3
Jaguars 0-3 .508 7-2

The strength of schedule is via ESPN and based on opponents' 2012 results.

According to the tiebreaker policy, unofficially, the Vikings would have the first shot to make a claim on the waiver wire, followed by the Jags, Bucs, Redskins, Steelers and Giants.

After the loss to the Carolina Panthers, Tom Coughlin was asked about whether there was enough talent on the current roster, to which the coach said he'd have to find out.

"We're going to certainly find out. We're certainly hoping to be able to find out ... to go to whatever extreme we have to try to uncover people and help us win," Coughlin said. "Your team is your team. If there's something that we can do, can help, then I would consider it."

The Giants certainly need help in a couple key areas including offensive and defensive line, linebacker and secondary.

On the waiver wire are a few names that may intrigue Coughlin and General Manager Jerry Reece.

Running Back

Michael Turner

Cedric Benson

Beanie Wells (who the Giants have worked out)

Kevin Smith

Joe McKnight (the team has been rumored to have interest)

Tim Hightower (has had multiple workouts with the team)

Offensive Tackle

Jammal Brown

Jared Gaither

Demetress Bell

Sean Locklear

Offensive Guard/Center

Nate Livings

Stephen Peterman

Jake Scott

Deuce Lutui (suspended one more game)

Ryan Lilja

Defensive End

Andre Carter

Juqua Parker

Kyle Vanden Bosch


Takeo Spikes

Bradie James

Barrett Ruud

Michael Boley (quiet on the Boley front due to off-the-field issues)


Kerry Rhodes

Kenny Phillips

Tom Zbikowski (suspended one more game)

Atari Bigby

Jordan Babineaux


Marcus Trufant

Jason Allen

Sheldon Brown

Ronald Bartell

Stanford Routt

Shawntae Spencer

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