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Reasons to Celebrate: I got nothing

Kelsey can't find much to cheer about this week with the Giants at 0-3 and facing the unbeaten Kansas City Chiefs.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

I do this post every week. No matter what, win or loss, I try to come up with a reason to help keep Giants' fans' heads above water. Well, I already used the NFC East stinks bravado last week, and the New York Giants' 38-0 loss to the Carolina Panthers on Sunday didn't give me anything to cheer about.

What are the best positives I can take out of this loss? Well for starters Eli Manning isn't broken after being sacked seven times. Manning has been sacked 11 times on the year so far and with the way the offensive line has been playing I'm shocked the number isn't 25.

I would say another reason to celebrate is that it's only Week 4. However, given the way they are playing and they are facing Andy Reid and the 3-0 Kansas City Chiefs this week ... let's just say I'll be praying very hard to the football gods.

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