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Chase Blackburn, Domenik Hixon spare parts in Carolina

Blackburn and Hixon moved on from the Giants following last season.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

This Sunday the New York Giants will see some familiar faces when they face the Carolina Panthers. Domenik Hixon and Chase Blackburn left the Giants during the offseason to seek new opportunities. How is it going so far? It's safe to say both players aren't getting the same kind of playing time they had in New York.

"Fairly similar to their late-career roles in New York, which is to say they're warming benches while recovering from injuries," said James Dator, editor of SB Nation's 'Cat Scratch Reader.'  "It looked for a long time like Hixon wouldn't make it through training camp until he played well in the final preseason game, while Blackburn has been entirely relegated to the special teams so far."

The Giants didn't really make much of an effort to resign either player. Former Giants' pro personnel Dave Gettleman didn't waste any time to bring them to the team he now serves as general manager.

In 2012 Hixon had 36 catches for for 567 yards and six touchdowns. He suffered two ACL tears in his years with the Giants and now with Carolina he has battled a hamstring issue. He is third on the depth chart and has yet to see a pass thrown to him this season. Where Blackburn was first on the middle linebacker chart for the Giants he is second for Carolina.

Though the two had bigger roles in New York and seemed to be liked by many fans, it was obvious that general manager Jerry Reese knew it wasn't worth the fight to keep them here. Their biggest role for the Panthers this coming week is probably just to give some insight about their former team.

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