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NFL Picks Week 3: Game-by-game predictions against the spread

Jesse picks NFL Week 3 games against the spread.

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Week 2 was better than Week 1 but still not great, which was expected because the first few weeks of the season you're picking games against the perception of what you thought teams would be prior to the season and nothing else. Now there's still plenty of football to be played, but teams  have shown you a little something.  his week and moving forward I'll do something a little different, I'll pick all the games, but I'll only give explanations for my five "best bets" -- the games I feel most comfortable with throughout the season -- and we'll see how I can do.

Lines are from SB Nation's Odd Page.

Best Bets

Atlanta Falcons (+1) at Miami Dolphins

I know Atlanta is not the same team on the road as it is at home, but I still think they are better than the (2-0) Dolphins even with some of their players being limited or out because of injury (Steven Jackson). I said last week if the Dolphins went into Indianapolis and won they would show me something and they have, but I still don't think they will win this game. I'll take the point I'm getting with the Falcons (which means essentially nothing) and call for the very minor upset. Pick: Falcons

New York Giants (+2.5) at Carolina Panthers

This could be the fan Kool-Aid speaking, but the Giants are better than the Carolina Panthers, right? If not it's going to be a very long season. The Giants need to play crisp clean football, which is something they don't do nearly enough, but last year on a short week they down to Carolina and walloped the Panthers at home with a lot of injuries. This year, they are healthier at the moment, have a full week of preparation to travel and should be more desperate. The Giants must win this game. Pick: Giants

Jacksonville Jaguars (+16.5) at Seattle Seahawks

I know the Jaguars are a terrible, awful team, and the Seahawks might be the league's best team, especially at home, but 16.5 points is a lot of points to give. The Jaguars are still a professional football team and you have to think that they will be somewhat motivated by such a huge point spread. I don't think this is a trap game with the possibility of the Jaguars traveling out to Seattle and winning against a Seahawks team coming off an emotionally high victory in a playoff like atmosphere last week but I don't think they're going to be amped to beat down on the Jaguars, but I don't think it is in the essence that the Jaguars can stay within 10 points. Now I won't be surprised if they lose by 35, but I'll bank on them looking competent in this game. Pick: Jaguars

Oakland Raiders (+14.5) at Denver Broncos

Maybe I'm living in the past where blowout victories were not all that common, but with the new spread offenses they seem to be growing especially for good teams like the Broncos so maybe I'm being risky picking two bad teams against two very good teams. Still this is an early season divisional game, the Broncos are without two of their best players in Ryan Clady and Von Miller. The Raiders have a unique talent in Terrelle Pryor who is capable of doing some fun things,  and it's on Monday night football which can put a jolt into the bad teams (since they don't get too many prime time games, maybe?). I'm not sure, but the Broncos will be coming off a big victory in New York to travel back home to take on the Raiders (who cares?). The Raiders on the other hand have the national spotlight to show something, and I think they will. Broncos should win comfortably but I'll take the 14.5 points. Pick: Raiders

Lock of the Week

Cleveland Browns at Minnesota Vikings (-3)

I must be the only person in America who thinks the Vikings can be a decent team this year. The Browns are not good, they just traded away Trent Richardson, they won't be playing Brandon Weeden (but maybe that's not a bad thing) and they have to travel to Minnesota where the Vikings are not a terrible football team. The Vikings have lost two tough road divisional games and I think they'll come out and beat up the Browns pretty good. Pick: Vikings

Remaining Games

The pick is in bold type.

Kansas City Chiefs at Philadelphia Eagles (-3)

Houston Texans at Baltimore Ravens (-2)

Green Bay Packers at Cincinnati Bengals (+3)

St. Louis Rams at Dallas Cowboys(-3)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at New England Patriots (-7)

San Diego Chargers at Tennessee Titans (-3)

Detroit Lions at Washington Redskins (-2)

Atlanta Falcons at Miami Dolphins (-1)

Buffalo Bills at New York Jets (-2)

Indianapolis Colts at San Francisco 49ers (-10)

Chicago Bears at Pittsburgh Steelers (+2)

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