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New York Giants' news, 9/19: Tom Coughlin's brother dies unexpectedly

New York Giants' headlines for Thursday, 9/19.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The unexpected death Monday of John Coughlin, brother of New York Giants coach Tom Coughlin, leaves Giants players hoping to do something to pick up the spirits of the coach.

"Anytime you have to heal somebody in your circle, whether it’s a coach or player, whatever it may be, going through a hardship, you always want to do your part to pick them up. If that’s winning a football game or that’s saying a kind word, whatever it may be, you always have to try your best to pick their spirits up," said Justin Tuck. "That’s what they did for me, and obviously, I was better for it. Any way I can return the favor or we as a football team can return the favor, we need to jump on doing that."

Coughlin has continued to work this week as the Giants prepare for the Carolina Panthers. John Coughlin was 63.

More Giants' News

It is an awkward transition, but let's now look at some of the on-field happenings with the Giants.

Jason Pierre-Paul: 'My Body Isn't Responding'

Jason Pierre-Paul has one sack and has not really been a factor for the Giants thus far. The star defensive end, who missed the preseason due to back surgery, know the Giants need more from him.

"I know I’m not playing as well, like I did in the past, but it is what it is. I’m just doing my best, no excuses, I just have to get healthy," Pierre-Paul said on Wednesday. "My body is right, my head is thinking but my body isn’t responding."

Eli Manning Discusses Running Game

The Giants' quarterback said Wednesday he believes the team's NFL-worst running game can improve.

"I feel like we've just been one block away or six of the guys are doing a great job and one guy is maybe missing," Manning said. "I think we are close on a lot of them and we'll get that going."

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