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Victor Cruz: 'We've been in this position before'

Victor Cruz speaks with Big Blue View as part of promotional campaign.

Victor Cruz
Victor Cruz
Maddie Meyer

There has been nothing precise about the New York Giants through two games. Two losses. Ten 10 turnovers, Seventy-seven points surrendered.

Victor Cruz is not panicking due to the New York Giants' 0-2 start. "We've been in this position before and we just have to be able to dig ourselves out," Cruz said on Tuesday during a promotional tour for the Gillette Precision Play program.

"We gotta go forward. We understand that we're in a little bit of a hole right now. We've been in this position before and we just have to be able to dig ourselves out. It's not gonna be easy. We've gotta understand that, we've gotta do better than what we've been doing. Ten turnovers in two games isn't going to help our cause. We understand that and we've striving to do better than that in the upcoming weeks."

Cruz is no stranger to ups and downs with the Giants. In the championship 2011 the team had to win its final two regular season game to qualify for the playoffs. Last season the Giants had an opportunity, but slumped down the stretch. He, like many current Giants, was not part of the 2007 team that started 0-2 but went on to win the Super Bowl. He said, however, that it can still be used as motivation.

"We were all inspired by that season and we all understood that they started the season the same way and ended up on a high note. We use it as inspiration. It definitely helps, even if you weren't here that year," Cruz said.

The Giants seem to hit some type of speed bump every season. Is this one magnfied because it comes right out of the gate?

"We played a division opponent in the first game in the Cowboys and played a very good opponent in Denver the very next week," Cruz said. "It's definitely amplified, but we understand that. We understand why we play this game is to be on the big stage each and every week and because we fell short the first two it's difficult to come out of that hole."

The Giants have run for only 73 yards in two games while quarterback Eli Manning has suffered the indignity of throwing a league-high seven interceptions. Cruz understand how much the struggling run game hurts the offense.

"I think it affects a lot. Our offense is predicated on the play-action pass, if we can't do that defenses can pretty much sit back and play the pass and drop 8 or 9 guys in coverage and just sit back. When we're running the ball well, when we're keeping defenses honest it's difficult for them to catch up with us and keep a bead on what we're doing. We understand we have to get the running game going in order for us to be balanced."

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