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Reasons to Celebrate: It's Week 3, and this is the NFC East

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The Giants are 0-2, but no one in the NFC East is unbeaten after two games. That is a reason for the Giants and their fans to celebrate.

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There's no question that the New York Giants have a lot of issues they need to work out. The thing is, though, there is no reason to give up. Why? The rest of the NFC East hasn't proven to be much better after two weeks of action.

The NFC East went 0-4 this past Sunday. The Giants and Washington Redskins both took double-digit beatings. The Dallas Cowboys lost to the Kansas City Chiefs, and the Philadelphia Eagles lost to the San Diego Chargers at home after Chip Kelly strangely wasted all of his timeouts before getting the ball back in the final seconds of the game.

All-in-all, it's not only the Giants that have ton of work to do. The NFC East as a whole has a lot of questions to answer. The Cowboys and Eagles had chances to win their games that were thrown away. The Redskins allowed Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers to throw a career high 480 yards and James Starks to run 132 yards. The final score of 38-20 is deceiving. The Packers had the game the whole way.

So what are we celebrating? Not only did the rest of the NFC East not play well on Sunday, but the Giants didn't lose any ground and there are still 14 games left. Step away from the ledge and breathe. There's still a long way to go.

NFC East Standings

Dallas 1 1 0 52 48
Philadelphia 1 1 0 63 60
New York Giants 0 2 0 54 77
Washington 0 2 0 47 71

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