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Giants vs. Broncos, Pro Football Focus grades

A look at how Pro Football Focus graded the Giants for Sunday's effort.

Shaun Rogers can't hang on to Peyton Manning.
Shaun Rogers can't hang on to Peyton Manning.
Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

You guys are having your chance to grade the New York Giants' performance Sunday in their loss to the Denver Broncos. I have already handed out 'Kudos & Wet Willies.' Let's look at what Pro Football Focus has to say in their weekly grades.


Will Beatty +1.7
David Wilson +1.2 (+0.6 in pass protection)
Larry Donnell +1.2

Rueben Randle -2.5
David Baas -2.4
Kevin Boothe -1.7

Takeaways: You can easily see there are no great offensive scores. The grades would tell you the play of Baas and Boothe was part of the problem in the run game, though I suspect there were also other issues.


Shaun Rogers +1.9
Cullen Jenkins +1.7

Mathias Kiwanuka -2.6
Terrell Thomas -2.1
Jacquian Williams -1.8
Jason Pierre-Paul -1.7
Corey Webster -1.6
Keith Rivers -1.3

Takeaways: It is really distressing to see Pierre-Paul in negative numbers. He is still recovering from back surgery, but the Giants need big plays from him, Without them they don't have a pass rush. Thomas did well, but had a lot of balls thrown in his direction by Peyton Manning.

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