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Broncos 41, Giants 23: Peyton wins Manning Bowl III

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Today all three NFC East opponents took losses making it important for the New York Giants to try and gain some ground.

Eli Manning opened the Giants offense with a 51-yard pass to Victor Cruz. The Giants continue to struggle in the red zone and settle for a Josh Brown field goal making the score 3-0.

The first touchdown of the game came from Knowshon Moreno making the score 7-3 early in the second quarter. Rueben Randle had an opportunity to score, but was stripped at the 1-yard line which was recovered by Denver. An illegal contact penalty gave the Giants the ball back.  The Giants settle for yet another field goal making the score 7-6.  Josh Brown would kick another field goal after the next drive putting the Giants ahead 9-7.

The defense continues to take a stand and holds Denver to a field goal making the score now 10-9.  Eli finds Nicks on the next drive for 34-yards, but the drive comes to an end when Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie intercepts Eli in the endzone ending the first half.

Peyton Manning finds Wes Welker in Denver's first drive of the second half for a touchdown making the score 17-9.  In a sweet return to the team Brandon Jacobs scores the Giants' first touchdown making the score 17-16.  The Broncos come back with another Moreno touchdown giving Denver a 24-16 lead.  Eli threw an unlucky interception off a defender's foot and Denver responded with a Julius Thomas touchdown making the score 31-16.

Trindon Holliday returns a punt for a touchdown giving Denver 38-16 lead and the game is quickly spinning out of control.  The Giants finally get another touchdown when Eli gave a shovel pass late to Da'Rel Scott in the fourth quarter making the score 38-23. Denver kicks a field goal to make the score 41-23, which would be the final score.

Stay tuned for Ed's breakdown.

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