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Friday Coughlin Report: Linebackers, linebackers, linebackers

Notes from Tom Coughlin's Friday meeting with reporters.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Giants' linebacker situation, with Dan Connor going on IR, Mark Herzlich becoming the starting middle linebacker and Allen Bradford joining the team via waivers, was a big topic of discussion Friday when Tom Coughlin met with reporters. The Giants held their final practice before facing the Denver Broncos Sunday at MetLife Stadium.

Here is some of what Coughlin spoke about.

On what led the Giants to put Connor on IR with a neck burner:

"They just did a series of all the tests and the inability to actually give you an exact time frame under which the individual would recover adds to it as well. If we're going to be short a linebacker, we're going to have to do something. So how is it that you choose to maneuver within your 53? And basically that's where the decision came from."

On the opportunity Herzlich now has:

"Mark still plays a lot of plays, whether he's the first one out there or comes out a little bit later like the other night. He's in all of these situations. Unfortunately with Dan, right behind him has been Mark and he's ended up taking at least half the snaps in each of these preseason and regular season games that Dan has unfortunately had to come out of the game, so he's played a lot."

On what Bradford might be able to contribute Sunday:

"He just got off a plane. I'm sure in a day he can probably prepare himself to do some things, but it would have to be a limited role."

On Brandon Jacobs' readiness to play:

"He looks like he's in decent shape. He's in good shape. He told me he's done a lot of running in a lot of heat in Atlanta and so he feels like he's in pretty good shape."

On whether David Wilson could return kickoffs Sunday:

"It's always a possibility."

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