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Eli Manning Press Conference: 'Neat' playing against Peyton

Here is the complete text of Eli Manning's Wednesday press conference.

Q: What are your thoughts on facing Peyton?

A: This is a big game for us just because we're 0-1 right now and we need to get a win. All week in preparation, I'm worried about their defense. I'm worried about the Denver defense and trying to get a game plan and trying to go out there and play well and play smart football and score touchdowns and try to get a win. Obviously, I know who the opposing quarterback is and they're a good offense and high-powered and obviously scored a lot of points last week, so I know we've got to play smart and just go out there and try to play my best.

Q: Was there any family chatter during the offseason when the schedule came out?

A: No. Not a whole lot. Obviously, we knew we played this year. We didn't know when the game would be until a few months ago and kind of figured it would be early. I was hoping it wouldn't be the first game, so we wouldn't have to talk about it for three months instead of just talking about it for one week. But obviously we knew it was going to happen, but there wasn't a whole lot of conversation about it. For us, we've got a game to play. It will be good to see him before the game for a little bit and see him afterwards, but besides that, it's just a football game.

Q: Is it more of a distraction?

A: No. It's still neat because it doesn't happen very often and it is neat seeing your big brother on the sideline or seeing him before the game. Those moments are the things you remember and we'll remember for a long time. Hopefully when I think back on these games that we played against my brother, I can think back and remember at least one win.

Q: Do you ever think about how rare it is that two brothers are playing against one another in the NFL?

A: I understand it. I feel very blessed and grateful that I get to play in the NFL and obviously there are 32 starting quarterbacks in the NFL right now and one of the other ones happens to be my brother. I understand that is rare. I don't know how it quite happened. I don't think my parents know how it quite happened. It just worked out that way, but I do feel blessed that I get to play this sport and I know Peyton feels the same way.

Q: Given what happened to Peyton in 2011, did you ever think that this day could be impossible?

A: I was obviously hoping that Peyton would be playing football again and rooting for him and doing everything I could to support him and try to give him feedback on his rehab and give him support as he was going through a tough time and kind of a time of unknown of what he was going to be able to do, whether it was to be able to play again or how quickly he would be able to play again. So at that moment, I was just more thinking about him and just knowing how fortunate that I am that I was playing football. You don't know when it's going to be over or how quickly the game can be taken away from you. So you've got to cherish it every day.

Q: What do you see from the Broncos defense?

A: The Broncos defense shows a lot of different looks. They do a great job of getting to the quarterback and getting sacks. Last year, they were amongst the top in the league in sacks. They got after Joe Flacco in that opening game and got good pressure. They have a lot of speed at cornerback and they do a good job of generating turnovers, so we've got to be smart with the football, have a great game plan and really go out there and execute well and try to hold on to the ball and convert on third downs and don't give their offense too many possessions.

Q: Is their more pressure on you to win this game because if you finish your career 0-3 against your brother you may never hear the end of it?

A: No. It's pressure because we're 0-1 right now and that's the mindset. We've got to get a win from this season and this team. It's the second game of this season. We've got to make improvements. We've got to get better. The mindset and the focus is just on this year and this being the second game of the season, it's a big game because of that scenario.

Q: You probably don't want him to repeat his Week 1 performance against you guys.

A: Hopefully not. Hopefully he doesn't throw seven touchdowns this week, but I think our defense is up for the task and they'll have a great game plan and offensively we have to do our job and go out there and play well.

Q: How about having Brandon Jacobs back here?

A: Obviously, Brandon has been a great teammate over the years. He knows this offense well. He's a guy that I don't know exactly what his role will be or how many carries, but he does know the offense and he will be able to learn it quickly and however the coaches decide to use him and how much... He'll be ready.

Q: Will you cringe if one of your defensive linemen gets a good shot at your brother?

A: No. I'm rooting for our defense and I want them to play well and do their job. When you're out there a lot of times I'm not watching him and seeing exactly what he's doing. I'm watching the game rooting for our defense, trying to support them, and hopefully they can get stops and get turnovers and play a great football game.

Q: What was it like watching him on Thursday night?

A: He had a great second half and made some great throws and really got on track. It's fun. I've been watching Peyton for a long time. I think he started in sixth grade. I've seen a lot of his football games over the years. I love watching him and he's one of the best. As a quarterback, you enjoy watching him because he plays at a high level.

Q: Do you remove the fact that you're facing your brother? Does that come into your thought process as you prepare?

A: In the preparation it doesn't come in at all just because I don't look at their offense. I'm just watching their defensive schemes, their defensive players, trying to think about how our plays are going to work out versus their scheme in certain techniques. The only time it comes up is when I'm asked about it or before the game I'm sure I'll see him a little bit and talk to him, but besides that, I've got to do my job and I'm just focused on going out there and trying to win a football game.

Q: You guys are 0-1 and a good team is coming in. How are you guys approaching it?

A: That's the only aspect that there is. It's a big game. We're playing an extremely talented team. We'd like to go out there and play better than we did last week and find a way to win the game and hopefully get our first win of the season.

Q: You've played Peyton before. Is there anything that stands out from the experiences?

A: Yeah. It is neat to see your brother on the sidelines when the national anthem is playing and you look across and you see your big brother and you give him a nod. Those are neat moments or seeing him before the game for a little bit and just talking and seeing him at the coin flip. Those are neat moments and you do understand how special it is with both of us playing this game at a high level in the NFL. It is rare and we just appreciate the road we've both taken to get here and we support each other along the way. So those are special moments. Besides that, though, it's a game. You've got to go out there and try to do your job.

Q: Were you guys competitive when you were kids?

A: No. We didn't really compete a whole lot just because he is five years older than me. When he left for college at 18, I was 13. There's only so much you can compete at in sports. As I got older, we competed in a little basketball or even now we play golf. You compete a little bit, but a lot of it is a lot of fun and we enjoy being around each other and from a football standpoint, we always try to support each other, help each other, work out in the offseason, look at tape of each other and during the season we try to help each other out if we're playing similar teams. So it's really more of a support deal than it's been competitive over the years.