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Brandon Jacobs' signing made official by New York Giants

Well, we knew this already, but the New York Giants have made it official, announcing Tuesday evening that they have signed running back Brandon Jacobs to a contract. That brings the boisterous 31-year-old veteran back where he played from 2005-2011, helping the Giants win two Super Bowl titles.

"Whatever they need me to do," Jacobs said in a release from the team. "Whatever role they want me to play, I’ll come in and do it. I know the offense. I know they’ve made some tweaks here and there, and I’ll do whatever I have to do. I look forward to teaming up with David and Cox and Da’Rel and Dre (Andre Brown) whenever he gets back and try to make everybody around us better. We want to be the group that leads the team to victory.

"The Giants have given me a great opportunity. This is where I wanted to be. These are the coaches I want to play for and I wanted to come back with my teammates. This is the place I love most."

Jacobs, who played in only two games last season with just 5 carries for 7 yards, said he will be ready to play Sunday when the Giants face the Denver Broncos.

"I’m ready to go," Jacobs said. "If I need to go Sunday, I can go Sunday. There’s no issue. I’ll be really excited. Now I just have to try to get Stevie Brown on the phone (so he can negotiate getting back his familiar No. 27 jersey)."