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Running Back Workouts: Getitng to know Willis McGahee

The Giants are working out running backs today.

Willis McGahee
Willis McGahee

Tuesday will be a busy morning at the Quest Diagnostics Training Center as the New York Giants hold their weekly Tuesday workout of street free agents, including several running backs. With David Wilson having fumbled his way back into Tom Coughlin's doghouse Sunday and a spot open on the 53-man roster after Monday's release of defensive end Adewale Ojomo, there is an expectation that a running back will be added to the roster following the workout.

The poll we ran on Monday indicated that 55 percent of the 1,140 voters thus far want Willis McGahee, a two-time Pro Bowler who gained 731 yards in 10 games with the Denver Broncos last season, added to the roster. McGahee is among the players working out for the Giants today. As for former Giant Brandon Jacobs, 27 percent of our voters would like to see Jacobs return to the Giants.

With the interest in McGahee and the possibility he could become a Giant some time today, I reached out to the folks at SB Nation's Broncos website, Mile High Report, for some information on the 31-year-old running back. MHR editor Kyle Montgomery offered his thoughts on McGahee. Here are my questions and his thoughts, shared via e-mail.

Question: Since it appears the Giants may sign Willis McGahee what are your thoughts on the guy? How much gas does he have left in the tank? Was it just salary cap that caused Denver to let him go?

Answer: I have a high opinion on Willis McGahee and thought he had a lot left in the tank. Politics around Denver's running back youth movement really fed to his release more than anything McGahee did or didn't do. Sure, he was injured in 2012, he turned 30, and he chose not to participate in Denver's voluntary workouts - those were all knocks against him, but the real reason he is no longer a Denver Bronco is that they wanted to give Ronnie Hillman and Montee Ball a bigger role in this offense. I was critical of the move then, and I still believe he would be the Broncos' most talented running back if he was signed today (assuming he is healthy and in football shape).

Question: What would the Giants be getting? How would you feel about seeing him play for the Giants on Sunday?

Answer: The Giants would be getting an experienced running back who was a Pro Bowler as recently as 2011 , was on the verge of another Pro Bowl in 2012 before he got hurt, and who can act as a leader on the team. Peyton Manning even talked about how much Willis McGahee helped him in his transition to Denver a year ago; he's a team player and a talented running back who I think can still serve a team well in 2013 (again assuming health and conditioning).

McGahee gained 1,199 yards in 15 games in 2011 and averaged 4.8 and 4.4 yards per carry in his two seasons with the Broncos.

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