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Plaxico Burress Injury: Torn rotator cuff may end career of ex-Giant

Plaxico Burress suffered a torn rotator cuff during practice on Thursday.

Plaxico Burress with the Steelers in 2012
Plaxico Burress with the Steelers in 2012
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Plaxio Burress will not face the New York Giants in their preseason opener Saturday night. In fact, the Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver may never face another NFL team again. Burress, 36, Thursday suffered a probable season-ending and potentially career-ending torn rotator cuff.

So, here is the question Giants' fans. How does the possible end of Burress' NFL career make you feel?

Burress, of course, is a controversial figure in recent Giants' history -- history the occasion forces us to go over.

He caught the game-winning touchdown pass in the 2008 Super Bowl victory over the New England Patriots, culminating a three-year period during which he was a star -- albeit an apparently moody and sometimes hard to understand one -- for the Giants.

We know all about what happened the next season, when he shot himself in the leg in a nightclub and simultaneously shot down the Giants' chances of repeating as Super Bowl champions.

It's a simple question possibly with a complicated answer. How do you feel about the possible end of Burress' career?