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New York Giants' news, 8/31: Roster must be set today

New York Giants' headlines for Saturday, 8/31.

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The New York Giants have to trim their roster to the regular-season limit of 53 players by 6 p.m. ET Saturday. Follow Big Blue View throoughout the day and we will have as much information for you as we can. In the meantime, here are some other Giants-stories making news today.

Eli Manning: Touchdown drive a big step

The Giants put together a 10-play, 91-yard touchdown drive against the New England Patriots Thursday night. Quarterback Eli Manning hopes that was a sign of good things to come.

"I guess we answered part of the criticism we’ve been getting, our red zone efficiency, so it’s good to kind of get in there and finish a good drive, go 90 yards, convert some third downs, had some good plays and, finally, finish it with a touchdown. So that was good. I feel good about where we are and how guys are playing," Manning said. "I think we have some talent on this team. I think there's going to be some opportunities to hit some big plays, whether it's David Wilson in the run game or getting him balls, with our receivers making big plays. This offense gives us opportunities to get the ball down the field and it's just a matter of if we can execute them. Can I get the ball to the receivers, can guys make the right decisions, can we protect. If we do, everything will work out where we could be a high-powered offense and score a lot of points."

Stevie Brown: No date for surgery yet

Safety Stevie Brown, out for the season with a torn ACL, has no date yet for surgery to repair the knee. Brown is still coming to terms with his injury.

"It’s very disappointing. You work all summer getting ready for the season and just a freak accident like that to happen definitely sucks," he said on Friday. "I was hoping it wasn’t bad. There’s been plenty of times I’ve been running and tweaked something and sat down for a second and just move your leg around and you’re like ‘I’m fine’ and you keep it moving. That’s what I was hoping it was, but it was hurting a little longer than normal."

Antrel Rolle doesn't care about predictions

When analysts look at the Giants some see a team capable of winningthe NFC East. Few, however, see a team that should be a favorite to reach the 2014 Super Bowl at MetLife Stadium. Antrel Rolle doesn't care.

"I can care less of what anyone picks or how they may perceive anything or even how they may view the Giants because at the end of the day they don't play the game. They don't dictate anything of what takes place out there on Sundays or Monday nights. Like I said, to be honest with you, I could really care less," Rolle said. "Just tune into the TV and watch. You can't speak about it in words because we haven't put anything out there yet. I can't sit here and say to view this as a Super Bowl team when we haven't gone out there and displayed that we're a Super Bowl team. Tune in Sunday night against Dallas and they can start making their observations at that point."

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Tom Coughlin is beginning his 10th season as the coach of the Giants, and in that time he has ranted, raved and waved his arms on the sideline until his deportment has become an immutable fixture of the team’s culture. His countenance is as familiar as the team logo — the downturned upper lip, the hands on hips, a man whose face seems perpetually red from exhortation, irritation or unyielding determination.

But Coughlin is turning 67 Saturday. He has 11 grandchildren. A game might still bring out sideline histrionics, but during the team’s practices he is subdued, more likely to commend than to condemn. Once a habitual yeller with a voice that could be heard across two football fields, he now gives instructions that are usually inaudible except to the players nearest to him.

He has written reflective books and gone on tours to promote them, yukking it up with Jon Stewart on "The Daily Show."

In time, Coughlin has begun to see things differently. And why not? Two Super Bowl victories ought to breed serenity and fulfillment.

But those closest to him say it was not the second championship, in 2012, that changed him; it was the birth of a third generation of Coughlins.

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