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Where To Host Your Fantasy Football League?

With fantasy football becoming a big money industry (1.7 Billion in 2012) sites are ramping up their services to attract more of the fantasy football playing population.

Al Bello

As you already know BBV is hosting our fantasy football leagues on Yahoo! this year, and having been a player and a commissioner on almost every competing site I can say that I am pleasantly pleased with what Yahoo! is offering. The site had a complete redesign just a week ago and seems to have realized that even free fantasy football sites should be pleasing to the eye and easy to use. While some fantasy football players are never ready for change, this owner was ready for Yahoo! to step up their game.

The first thing that I noticed while taking the new Yahoo! application and site for a spin was the ability to mock draft and live draft from your phone. Let me say that again. You can draft from your phone. So if you get called into a last minute meeting at work and can no longer pretend to be doing your work behind your computer screen you are in luck. You can whip out your smart phone and make all your picks under the conference table to make sure your team doesn't autodraft a defense in the 6th round. League integrity and your fantasy football ego are saved.

The site design was in serious need of an overhaul as the old design should have been shelved when Myspace became an afterthought. The new design is a bit jarring when you first jump on, but after your eyes adjust you realize what you were missing. The background and the fonts are all changed to make the experience more appealing, and the information being provided has jumped by leaps and bounds.

Pro Football Focus, a company we often site for in game player grades, is now the provider of projected statistics to Yahoo! Fantasy Football. The minds behind one of the best real, and fake, football sites have brought their expertise to a site that needed it. Yahoo! was always behind in adjusting ADP, and projections based on injury, but those are now things of the past with Pro Football Focus as a partner.

After the first of our BBV Fantasy Football league drafts tonight our owners will receive a report card on their draft which will come as a bit of a surprise. The report card will grade the team by position and by individual pick and is a nice little feature that Yahoo! added. I especially think the younger fantasy football players will like that feature, as it gives you instant feedback on your draft. If you made a mistake in a draft this week you can make it up in your next draft over the weekend.

While Yahoo! has always been at the top, as far as number of players, they were never the choice for serious players. I believe Yahoo! is taking the right steps to get there in the very near future, if not already. They are already ahead of their main free service rival in ESPN with the new site design and may be able to steal some fantasy football players from paid sites like CBS Sports. With up and comers like Flea Flicker Football trying to muscle in on the free fantasy football market Yahoo! picked the right time to step up its game.

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