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Giants Season Preview: Which game would you love to attend?


What New York Giants game would I like to attend this season? Being a former season ticket holder I would love to be at them all, but that would be cheating.

There are a lot of games this season that could be easy choices.  I think picking the Manning Bowl Week 2 would be too obvious.

If the NFC East in 2013 is anything like the last two seasons then the game I would want to attend most is the final game of the season: at home versus the Washington Redskins.  In 2011 the season came down to the final week against the Dallas Cowboys.  If you lose, you go home. If you win, you go to the playoffs. The situation was the same for both teams and the Giants came out on top and made a run to win Super Bowl XLVI.  I wouldn't be shocked if the winner of the NFC East came down to Week 17 again this season and if it's the Giants that have the shot then I would love to be at the playoff clinching game.

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