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New York Giants 2013 Season Preview: Easiest Giant to root for? Terrell Thomas

Our friends at SB Nation have asked us to answer 9 questions about the Giants as part of a season preview Q&A. The first is 'Which Giants player is easiest to root for?' It's an easy answer.

Terrell Thomas
Terrell Thomas
Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

Terrell Thomas has torn his ACL three times. He has missed the past two seasons because of back-to-back torn ACLs. He happens to be a great guy who has gone to hell and back trying to revive his NFL career. He is accommodating to the media. Follow his Twitter account (@TerrellThomas24) and you know how much is family means to him.

It doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure out that Thomas is the easieast member of the New York Giants to root for. In fact, it doesn't take being a Giants' fan at all. If you're human, and you care about people who struggle with adversity, do everything in their power to overcome it, and grow from the experience you should be rooting for Thomas.

In fact, if you aren't rooting for Thomas to make it back you should be looking in the mirror and wondering why that is and how you can change it.

Thomas is only days away from becoming the second player to make it back to the NFL after three surgeries for torn ACLs, and the first defensive back. Only Carolina Panthers linebacker Thomas Davis has made it back to the NFL after three torn ACLs.