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Practice squad rules, eligible Giants players

Here are the practice squad rules and Giants who are eligible, with a little help from NYG Salary Cap Central.


New York Giants Salary Cap Central does some excellent work keeping on top of -- what else -- the New York Giants' salary cap. I have to say, though, that while the cap is important I don't know how anyone can devote themselves completely to studying and writing about it.

That aside, NYGCapCentral has posted an excellent graphic listing all of the Giants' players who are eligible for the team's eight-man practice squad.



I point this out because every year when final roster cuts are made, and sometimes before they are made, we get crazy comments like "put David Diehl on the practice squad." This year there has been some Ryan Nassib to the practice squad discussion.

Neither of those things can happen. Here are the practice squad rules, again with 'Kudos' to NYGCap for unearthing the link.

Two major things to remember.

  1. Veteran players are not eligible for the practice squad. Only young players who do not meet the various experience thresholds.
  2. Players have to be cut by a team and exposed to waivers before they can be re-signed to the practice squad. In the case of Nassib, the impressive seventh-round running back Michael Cox or safety Cooper Taylor, this means 31 other teams would have a chance to sign them and add them to their 53-man roster. Only if none do so would the Giants have the opportunity to re-sign the player to the practice squad.