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NFL Roster Cuts 2013: Kenny Phillips, anyone?

NFL teams have to reach the 75-man roster limit by 4 p.m. today.

Kenny Phillips
Kenny Phillips

NFL teams have to reach the 75-man roster limit by 4 p.m. ET on Tuesday. The Giants, of course, have already done so by cutting 14 players, including Aaron Curry, and placing Stevie Brown on IR due to his torn ACL.

Many other teams have also made their cuts, and the rest will have to follow suit by today's deadline. You can follow along with all of the cuts, or catch up on what you have already missed, on SB Nation's 2013 NFL Roster Cuts Hub Page.

From a Giants' perspective, the most intriguing name already sent to the NFL unemployment line is former Giants' safety Kenny Phillips. The oft-injured Phillips, signed by the Philadelphia Eagles as a free agent during the offseason, simply was never healthy enough to show the Eagles he deserved a roster spot. He played only 30 snaps in three preseason games, and missed practice time both because of his chronic knee condition and a quad injury.

Anyone interested in a return to the Giants for Phillips? Due to Brown's injury, the Giants could use depth at safety.

Giants' head coach Tom Coughlin was asked about Phillips on Monday and said only that "our staff will look at every player."

Giants' safety Antrel Rolle would love to see Phillips back in blue.

"Would I like to see him? Absolutely. But it’s not my call, it’s not my call to make and you have to leave that up to personnel, the owners and GM," Rolle said. "They’ll do the right job, I’m more than confident they’ll make the right choice as far as who they want to bring in or what they want to do as far as our defensive personnel."

The question for Phillips is not ability. The 26-year-old former first-round pick of the Giants can still play -- the Giants were a better defensive team with him than without him last season. The problem is that he only played seven games, has that chronci knee issue, and this preseason has not shown the durability to stay on the field.

Whether you would like to see Phillips back with the Giants or are interested in seeing the Giants sign any of the other players who have been cut, or will be cut before 4 p.m., use this as an open thread to discuss the roster moves around the league. And vote in our poll below about Phillips.