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PFF Review: Giants' grades vs. Jets

Here is a look at the Pro Football Focus grades for the Giants after Saturday's game against the Jets.

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You know you love 'em! You know you can't wait to dissect 'em! It's time for our weekly look at the Pro Football Focus grades, this time from Saturday's 24-21 preseason overtime loss to the New York Jets. Let's see what we can learn.


Bear Pascoe (+1.5)
David Wilson (+1.1)
Brandon Mosley (+1.1)

Curtis Painter (-3.9)
Selvish Capers (-3.4)
Da'Rel Scott (-3.0)
Adrien Robinson (-2.9)
Eli Manning (-2.4)

The number that jumps out at me is the +1.1 for second-year offensive lineman Brandon Mosley. If the Giants choose to shuffle their offensive line again, the PFF numbers from the preseason would indicate that Mosley should be the choice to move in at guard, with Kevin Boothe sliding to center.

Mosley has appeared to play better than James Brewer so far this preseason. Mosley has the highest offensive grade of any Giant for the preseason at +2.1. Brewer is -2.5.

The -3.9 scored by Curtis Painter in his 14-for-29 effort on Saturday is not good for a guy trying to stay in the league.


Mark Herzlich (+4.4)
Mike Patterson (+3.5)
Justin Tuck (+3.1)
Shaun Rogers (+2.6)
Prince Amukamara (+1.8)
Adrian Tracy (+1.8)
Kyle Bosworth (+1.7)
Ryan Mundy (+1.6)
Mathias Kiwanuka (+1.1)

David Caldwell (-2.5)
Matt Broha (-1.7)
Terrell Thomas (-1.4)
Linval Joseph (-1.2)

Mark Herzlich's outstanding +4.4 obviously jumps off the page. Temper your enthusiasm, though, by realizing that Herzlich did this in the second half against Jets reserve offensive linemen. You have to think Mike Patterson (+3.5) sealed a roster spot, if that was ever in question. Very nice to see Justin Tuck, who seemed very active Saturday, with a sterling +3.1 score.