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Tom Coughlin: Offense 'disappointing' in loss to Jets

Head coach Tom Coughlin expressed concern about his struggling offense after Saturday's loss to the New York Jets.

Al Bello

The post-game numbers fo the New York Giants offense were hard to ignore in Saturday's 24-21 overtime loss to the New York Jets.

  • The Giants went 3-for-18 on third down.
  • They failed to score on a first-and-goal from the 4-yard line.
  • They scored only one touchdown despite five Jets' turnovers and the opportunity to start numerous drives in Jets' territory. The Giants started five drives inside Jets' territory and did not score touchdowns on any of them.
  • Eli Manning completed only 8-of-20 passes.
  • Giants' quarterbacks were sacked four times.

Head coach Tom Coughlin expressed concern about the offense after the game.

"We fought like heck throughout the entire game on defense and on special teams. We really didn't have anything to help us on the offensive side of the ball," Coughlin said. "The one thing that's very disappointing to me is where we are offensively.

"There was no consistency whatsoever. We've got work to do on the offensive side of the ball. Whatever is going on, we've got to solve it and we've got to solve it fast."

Here are some of Coughlin's other thoughts following the game.

On the injury suffered by safety Stevie Brown. "It's a knee, but I don't know. I have no more information for you. I feel bad for Stevie Brown. He's been a tremendous addition to our team. The guy has another interception and then has that happen. I don't really understand how it happened. I couldn't see it, but evidently he just got his foot planted the wrong way."

On the struggles of the revamped offensive line. "Communication was probably okay we just didn't block. We didn't get it done from a physical standpoint either. I'm sure there were some issues with last-second communication, but I wouldn't blame it on that. That's not the...excuse."