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Prediction Machine -- Giants go 10-6, win NFC East says the Giants will win the NFC East with a 10-6 record.

Jeff Zelevansky

Predictions are like weather forecasts. They might be based on available information, but they are educated guesses at best. And they often end up looking silly.

With that less than glamorous intro, let's look at what has forecast for the 2013 NFL season, and specifically for your New York Giants.

Prediction Machine's 'Realistic Standings' (their term, not mine) have the Giants finishing 10-6 and winning the NFC East.

How do the other NFC East teams fare? Prediction Machine has the Philadelphia Eagles at 9-7, the Dallas Cowboys at 6-10 and the defending NFC East champion Washington Redskins falling off the map at 5-11.

The only one I don't buy there is the Redskins. I just don't see them going that far backwards.

How did Prediction Machine come up with these? They ran 50,000 simulations with some data provided by Elias Sports Bureau to help their analysis.

Thoughts, Giants' fans? How close are these predictions to what you think will really happen.