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NFL Uniform Rankings: Giants are middle of the pack

How do the Giants' uniforms rank among NFL teams?

Justin K. Aller

Who has the best-looking uniforms in the NFL?

Sportsnation has been looking at the uniforms from every professional sports league and ranking each team. Yesterday they ranked the NFL uniforms and the New York Giants landed at number 15. Here is what they had to say about Big Blue's uniforms:

"Last season, we wrote that the Giants' use of gray pants for all games was making their uni set 'feel drab and blah,' so it's good to see them introducing a set of alternate white pants this season (here's a Photoshop rendering of how they might look on the field). One big problem still remains, though: It makes no sense for a team whose main color is blue to have such a red-centric road uniform."

The Giants really don't show much...scratch that...don't show ANY blue on their away uniform shirts. I always liked the blue numbers on the away uniforms from the 90's. Even on the home uniforms I liked the red around the white numbers. Sometimes I would like to see the Giants incorporate both blue and red on both home and away uniforms.

However the uniforms look I always think this to myself: At least the Giants haven't been wearing those all red uniform shirts anymore. Save those for the Little Giants.


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