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Antrel Rolle Injury Update: Getting closer to return

Antrel Rolle has been working on the side during Giants' practices this week as he gets closer to returning to action following a sprained ankle.

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

Early last week New York Giants safety Antrel Rolle sprained his ankle.  This week he is already nearing his return to practice, which is something the Giants already struggling secondary could use.

If all goes well with no setbacks it looks as if he'll be ready for opening week against the Dallas Cowboys on Sept. 8th. Rolle, however, isn't going to rush his return.

"I'm going to return to the practice field whenever I'm ready," said Rolle. "Whenever I can go out there and feel like I'm not favoring it. Right now we're ahead of schedule and things are going good."

Rolle has missed just one game in the last seven years and no games in his years with the Giants. He's had his aches and pains but always plays. Rolle is a guy that always wants to be on that football field no matter what, but is smart enough to know when to stay off.

"That's the toughest part," said Rolle on having to stay off the field. "I like being out there with my guys and if I can go I'd like to go.  I'm just going to talk with the coach and see what he wants me to do. If he wants me to push through, then I'll push through it. If he wants me to chill out and relax, I'll just chill out and relax."

Progress for Rolle seems to be going well which is excellent news for the Giants. Rolle is taking all the time he needs to make sure he's 100 percent for the Giants. The secondary needs him on the field, so if taking the rest of preseason of is the solution then so be it.

"I think I made excellent progress and we're going to continue to keep pushing," said Rolle. "It's one of those things where you're never going to be able to predict how it feels. You just have to go through the motions and let it tell you how it goes."

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