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Kevin Boothe 'fine' with playing center in place of David Baas

Kevin Boothe talks about the adjustment from guard to center.


As David Baas is sidelined with a knee injury he sustained in the second preseason game against the Indianapolis Colts, the New York Giants have made a few changes in practice today with the offensive line. One of those changes included moving Kevin Boothe from guard to center.

Though Jim Cordle has been used in the past to back up Baas as he did against the Colts, Boothe has also played center for the Giants. With the offensive line shuffled around with moving rookie Justin Pugh at starting right tackle and David Diehl to left guard Boothe doesn't see a problem with continuity.

"I've started a handful of games, maybe more, at center. Whatever the combination is -- I'm fine with it," Boothe said before practice on Tuesday.

"It's always good to have one group out there, but as you know, things can change quickly. I think it's important to work with a bunch of different combinations and get a bunch of guys used to playing with one another also. You can look at it both ways."

Usually moving from one position to the next is a huge adjustment for players. For Boothe to move to center, though, he says it doesn't feel much different than him playing guard.

"I'm usually looking at that interior play because guys flip-flop all over the place," said Boothe. "Technique-wise, sure, but in terms of preparing for an opponent, not necessarily, but it's basically the same stuff that I'm looking at as a guard."

Boothe is confident he and the rest of the offensive line can do the job while Baas recuperates.

"Guys have had experience with [changes] and we've all played together now for a long time, so I think we're comfortable either way," said Boothe.

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