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Michael Pope pleased with Brandon Myers signing, intrigued by New York Giants' TEs

New York Giants tight ends coach Mike Pope discusses the potential of Brandon Myers and Adrien Robinson.


In an offseason where the New York Giants looked to beef up their offensive and defensive lines, one skill-player acquisition continues to go under the radar.

With Martellus Bennett signing with the Chicago Bears early in free agency, the New York Giants suddenly had a huge void to fill.

Bennett, the former Dallas Cowboys backup, was a huge asset for Eli Manning and the vertical passing game, grabbing 55 balls for 626 yards and five touchdowns.

In place of Bennett, the Giants signed arguably the best tight end available -- Brandon Myers.

In 2012 Myers had a breakout campaign with the Oakland Raiders. He hauled in 79 passes for more than 800 yards, both of which were team-highs. He also had four touchdowns.

But because Myers was on the Black and Silver, his production went unnoticed ... by most, but apparently not Giants tight ends coach Michael Pope.

"He is a good receiver. I think at the Raiders he was more of an intermediate receiver, and now our passing game does allow the tight end to get more vertically down the field – flag routes, double seam routes, post routes – that kind of thing. He appears to have the skills to get those balls," Pope said.

"He has a little bit of a jet that can accelerate and go get a ball that is a little deeper. You may not think he is going to reach it, but he has that little bit, so we are very interested to see him in pads."

Myers will get the start, but Adrien Robinson is also expected to see the field a lot. Robinson turned heads during OTAs and mini-camp. The Giants also have veteran blocking tight end Bear Pascoe.

"These guys are more gifted; the whole group of them are, really," Pope said. "Robinson ... was a good basketball player and he tells me he is a good basketball player. He can go up and hit the higher balls. And of course Myers has a good bit of that. He had a good chemistry out at the Raiders. He had a lot of catches there last year.

"So yeah, you can see he has those kinds of athletic skills. With no pads on you can still see why he was a good person for us to try to replace Bennett with."

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