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New York Giants' news, 7/3: Victor Cruz worth big deal?

In today's notebook we discuss the big contract Victor Cruz is about to receive, and Steve Weatherford talks player safety.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Is Victor Cruz worth the big money contract he will reportedly get from the New York Giants? That seemed to be a source of a bit of debate on Tuesday.

ESPN Stats & Info wrote about some of the things Cruz needs to improve on, and ESPN also pointed out some of his best qualities.

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Valentine's View: The Giants have little choice but to sign Cruz to a rich long-term deal. And yes, he's worth it. He isn't worth the $18.8 million the Detroit Lions pay Calvin Johnson or the $15.75 million the Arizona Cardinals pay Larry Fitzgerald, but he is worth the $8 million or so the Giants appear willing to pay him.

Sure, Cruz production dropped in 2012. His yardage went from 1,536 to 1,092. His yards per catch dropped from 18.7 to 12.7. His yards after catch fell from 7.3 to 4.1.

Realize, though, his numbers were crazy in 2011. Plus, the Giants did not have a healthy Hakeem Nicks and spent the season looking for a consistent replacement for Mario Manningham. Thus, Cruz got much more attention from opposing defenses.

Weatherford on 'NFL-AM'

Giants' punter Steve Weatherford appeared on 'NFL-AM' Tuesday. He was asked about player safety.

"The direction the NFL is heading is going to prolong player's careers and ultimately keep them healthier," Weatherford said. "It's just moving in a safer direction and I think it should be.

"We're all fathers and husbands and we have life to look forward to after football."

More News

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