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New York Giants' news, 7/26: Reporting day for players

News and notes on reporting day for New York Giants players as 2013 training camp begins.


Good morning, New York Giants' fans! Players report for training camp on Friday, with the first practice at the newly-named Quest Diagnostics Training Center set for Saturday. Here are some of the stories making news this morning.

Much has been written about Justin Tuck during the off-season. The Star-Ledger caught up with Tuck recently at a charity golf outing, and the veteran defensive end talked about what he wants in 2013.

"I want to win another Super Bowl," Tuck told The Star-Ledger on his way to the first tee. "People want to talk about my contract, my personal issues or whatever. Honestly, it really is the furthest thing from my mind. I’m really, honestly focused on getting this team back to the top."

Tuck also told the Star-Ledger that, as defensive captain, he has spent the off-season checking up on teammates to be sure thery are properly preparing for the new season.

More Headlines

Vonta Leach is apparently "leaning toward signing with the Ravens" and could make a decision today. No surprise there.

Justin Pugh reportedly got 95.4 percent of the money in his rookie contract guaranteed. chose rookie Damontre Moore, who played at Texas A&M, as the NFC East newcomer Cowboys fans would love to hate in 2013.

The Giants will tweak their training and conditioning as part of their new partnership with Quest.

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