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2013 Giants Training Camp: Offensive depth chart

Here is a look at a projected New York Giants offensive depth chart as the 2013 training camp begins. This is an unofficial depth chart.

David Diehl
David Diehl

Here is a look at the unofficial New York Giants offensive depth chart, courtesy of Ourlads, as the team gets ready to open its 2013 training camp at the Quest Diagnostics Training Center.

Ourlads is projecting first-round pick Justin Pugh to win the right tackle job. Entering camp, in all honesty, veteran David Diehl should be penciled in at that spot. Whether it stays that way is anybody's guess, but that is the reality as camp begins.

LWR Nicks, Hakeem Randle, Rueben Barden, Ramses Adams, Kris Collins, Brandon
RWR Cruz, Victor Murphy, Louis Jernigan, Jerrel Hardy, Kevin Horne, Jeremy
Carlos, Keith
LT Beatty, Will DIEHL, DAVID McCants, Matt
LG BOOTHE, KEVIN Capers, Selvish Herman, Eric DeGeare, Chris Goodin, Stephen
C BAAS, DAVID Cordle, Jim
RG SNEE, CHRIS Mosley, Brandon Jasper, Michael Browning, Bryant
RT Pugh, Justin Brewer, James
TE Myers, Brandon Pascoe, Bear Robinson, Adrien Donnell, Larry Childers, Jamie
Clement, Chase
QB MANNING, ELI CARR, DAVID Nassib, Ryan Painter, Curtis
FB Hynoski, Henry
RB Wilson, David Brown, Andre Scott, Da'Rel Torain, Ryan Cox, Michael