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John Mara: 2013 Giants 'every bit as good' as 2011

The Giants president and CEO thinks this edition of the Giants has a chance to be a very good one.

John Mara
John Mara
Joe Epstein/THE STAR-LEDGER via USA TODAY Sports

With two Super Bowl championships in the last six seasons, New York Giants' teams are always compared to those title-winning squads. Giants' President and CEO John Mara said Thursday that, on the eve of training camp, he believes the 2013 team is "every bit as good as that team" that won the Super Bowl in 2011.

Mara spoke about the upcoming season during a press conference to announce the team's new partnership with Quest, a deal that included re-naming the team's headquarters the Quest Diagnostics Training Center.

"I look at us on paper and I think we're every bit as good as that team, but there's a long way to go between the paper and proving it on the field," Mara said. "But we have enough talent to compete with anybody."

Mara said he believed the Giants had improved during the off-season.

"We signed a lot of players. We got a lot of guys on one year deals who have a chance to re-invent themselves and re-establish their careers and they're going to be highly motivated and I think we filled in some needs for ourselves," Mara said. "I think we had a good draft. So yeah, I'm excited about it. I think we have a very solid organization, a very solid team. Hopefully we'll stay healthy and I think we can be as good as anybody."

Mara added that he believes the Giants can be competitive as long as Eli Manning is their quarterback.

"As long as he's behind center, yeah, we have a chance to win and compete. He's got to have some help and I think we have enough players to give him that help and we've put together what I think is a good team." Mara said. "It comes down, like it does every year, to staying healthy and guys playing up to their potential. We have a lot of players with a lot of pride in that locker room and I think they're ready to get going and put last year behind them and play like Giants."