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New York Giants' news, 7/23: Von Miller suspension, other notes

New York Giants headlines for Tuesday morning

Von Miller
Von Miller

If you are a New York Giants fan -- and of course you are -- what happens with the suspension of Denver Broncos star linebacker Von Miller is worth paying attention to. The Giants play the Broncos in the second game of the regular season, and facing them without Miller would be a huge break for the Giants.

From the New York Post:

Reports yesterday circulated that Miller is facing a four-game suspension for an unspecified violation of league rules. Miller has appealed the ban and wrote on Twitter, "I know I did nothing wrong. I’m sure this’ll be resolved fairly.’’

George Atallah, the spokesman for the NFL Players Association, wrote on Twitter, "We are all very disappointed that confidentiality was breached’’ and added Miller’s case does not involve steroids or related banned substances.

You can follow all the details of the Miller suspension at SB Nation's Broncos web site, Mile High Report.

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