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Giants Roster Breakdown: Justin Tuck

Justin Tuck is next as we continue our player-by-player breakdown of the New York Giants' roster as training camp draws near.

Justin Tuck
Justin Tuck

As we continue to break down the 90-man roster the New York Giants will bring to training camp in a few short days we have arrived at a player we have spent a good deal of the off-season discussing already. That would be defensive end Justin Tuck. I doubt we can cover much new ground here, but let's discuss the Giants' defensive captain, anyway.

2012 Season In Review

Tuck had just four sacks and 45 tackles in his second straight sub-par season, looking like a shell of the player who had 11.5 sacks in 2010. Worse, for the second straight season, it was often painfully obvious watching Tuck -- even on TV -- that his head and heart weren't always fully committed. He certainly wasn't "All In" all the time.

2013 Outlook

It is impossible to know what to expect from Tuck production-wise. His head seems to be in a better place and he seems committed to playing the best football he can play -- something that might not have always been the case the past couple of seasons. He is also healthy, at least for now.

At 30, Tuck should be able to still produce at an elite level. I guess we will all find out together if he still can. If he doesn't, it's fair to wonder if this will be his final season with the Giants.