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Touring the Nation: NFL news, SB Nation style

A look at what some of the other SB Nation football sites are writing about.

Derrick Morgan
Derrick Morgan
Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Let's go Touring the Nation this afternoon, looking around at what some of the other football blogs here at SB Nation are writing about.

Greg Schiano: "Josh Freeman is going to have a big year" - Bucs Nation
Tampa Bay coach Greg Schiano is trying to quell quarterback controversy with the Buccaneers.

"I believe in competition, I do, and Mike Glennon is going to be a tremendous quarterback in his time," Schiano said. "But we have a quarterback, it's Josh Freeman and he had a really good spring. I mean a really good spring. I think it's really coming together, being in this system for his second year now and hearing the things over again after being able to study it. I'm really encouraged. I know Mike Sullivan, the offensive coordinator he does a great job, he's encouraged. We're looking forward to big things. You know, Josh is going to have a big year."

Who is the most overrated Giant of all time? - Bleeding Green Nation has posted its list of the most underrated and overrated Giants of all time. For whatever reason the folks at Bleeding Green Nation have chosen to chime in on this topic and BGN's JasonB believes Eli Manning is miscast as underrated.

Eli Manning leads their list of the most underrated Giants. Yes, the same Eli Manning is who is so underrated that he was the #1 pick in the draft, has made 3 Pro Bowls and named Super Bowl MVP twice. There may have been a time several years ago that Eli Manning was underrated, but he isn't anymore. I think at this point most people don't underrate him, but most people do still think he's underrated.

One other note here: It's pretty obvious that some folks at BGN have no clue who Lawrence Taylor was, or just how much he changed the game.

Derrick Morgan: Dark-Horse Favorite For The 1st Annual Deacon Jones Award - Music City Miracles
Remember when we were debating whether or not the Giants should draft Morgan or Jason Pierre-Paul? An editor who shall remain nameless (well, OK, it was me) said the Giants should take Morgan. Well, Tennessee Titans fans are still waiting and hoping for Morgan to become a star. They write hopefully that "Morgan is sure to turn a couple of heads this year, and is quite possibly the perfect Dark-Horse to win the inaugural "Deacon Jones" award." Good luck with that.

Brian Cushing: J.J. Watt could be greatest defensive player ever -

"The things that he's going to be able to accomplish are unbelievable. When you talk about the potential that he has of really being the greatest defensive player ever, he could be. I know that's very premature but he's that kind of player.

"I think if he just keeps doing what he's doing and obviously stays healthy, he's on that track."

Really, Brian? Watt has to accomplish a LOT more to be in that discussion.