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New York Giants' news, 7/19: A defense of Victor Cruz, and more

New York Giants headlines for Friday morning.


There was some gnashing of teeth in the New York Giants fan base when Victor Cruz said recently that he felt he deserved a bigger contract than the one he just signed. Veteran columnist Ernie Palladino is defending Cruz and young New York Mets star Matt Harvey, saying they are "just a couple of young stars thinking huge."

Valentine's View: Looking back on it I honestly didn't have a problem with what Cruz said, either. He didn't say he regretted signing the deal. He didn't say he was unhappy. Reality is, no matter how much any of us make we wish it was more. In the end, I think Cruz' comments about his contract don't amount to much.

More Giants News

The Giants are ranked No. 13 in the Pro Football Talk preseason power rankings. That's probably about right coming off a season in which they did not make the playoffs. It also means nothing. concludes its position-by-position previews with a look at the safeties.

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