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Fantasy Football Mock Draft Recap: Rounds 9 thru 16

This post recaps and analyzes the final rounds of a mock fantasy football draft where hidden gems can prove to be hard to find.


Let's face it folks, we're not getting any younger. I used to be able to sit at a poker table in Atlantic City for 24 hours and was as sharp on the last hand as I was on the first. Now, I'm lucky to see the board flush if it's past my bedtime. I noticed a few years ago that my concentration at live fantasy football drafts started to lag. I used to be computer-like and remember drafts almost pick for pick. If there was a problem transcribing the draft into our website I was the commissioner's back up.

That all changed the summer before my children were born. I was going to be a forever distracted man from then on. On draft day I was worried about my pregnant wife. I was worried about getting the house ready. I was worried about getting a mini-van and the right car seats. You get the picture. I was worried about everything and was not in the right frame of mind for a draft. I actually did the unthinkable and tried to draft a player that was already taken ... three rounds before.

Needless to say it was regroup time for this fantasy owner. I needed to get back into the Zone when I was drafting and not let the outside world affect my focus. The end of drafts is where that focus is most needed. I am one of the few in my home leagues that put a lot of effort into the bottom end of a draft. While the other guys are starting to drink the domestic cans after all the good stuff is gone, I'm putting together my late draft target list and trying to finish up on a solid note.

While drafting defenses and kickers is a real let down at the end of a draft, it is still important to get the ones that will help you win week in and week out. This is where I tell you not to draft a kicker before the last two rounds. If you do you are wasting a very valuable pick. And please don't draft a D/ST and K before everyone else just because you believe in filling out your starters and having a "set it and forget it" end of your lineup. Your fifth wide receiver or running back are much more important than the difference between having Seattle's defense or Cincinnati's defense. If you don't believe me look over at the owner in your league stroking last year's trophy after he took Alfred Morris in the 14th round while you were drafting the best kicker possible.

I saw a few complaints about the earlier recaps in regards to how low the quarterbacks were going. I have to say I agree that they were definitely going well below where you will see them in your home league drafts. While already participating in early off-season real money league drafts I have seen about a two-round difference for the middle quarterbacks and the top three quarterbacks (Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, and Peyton Manning) are all going at least a round earlier than expert mock drafts. With all that being said you might get 30 touchdowns and 4,500 yards from a backup QB this year so I wouldn't waste an early round pick on the top guys. I will have much more on this year's quarterback depth as we get closer to the season.

Mock Draft

9.01 97 @bhucks83 Kaepernick, Colin SFO QB

9.02 98 @KVHehateMe Jeffery, Alshon CHI WR

9.03 99 @aidendrakesdad Richardson, Daryl STL RB

9.04 100 @Fantasytaz Stafford, Matthew DET QB

9.05 101 @coachesser Boldin, Anquan SFO WR

9.06 102 @rpm1010 Tate, Ben HOU RB

9.07 103 @Moondog2410 Givens, Chris STL WR

9.08 104 @Brayden581Tony Michael, Christine SEA RB (R)

9.09 105 @paultheoret Olsen, Greg CAR TE

9.10 106 @SundaysRule Maclin, Jeremy PHI WR

9.11 107 @AdamRonis Williams, DeAngelo CAR RB

9.12 108 @RotoRankings Manning, Eli NYG QB

Greg Olsen is a great example of an undervalued player. He finished last year as the fifth best tight end, but his ADP is still in the ninth round of drafts. He is the number two target on a team that throws the ball down-field and will be a steal if he lasts to the ninth round at the end of August. Colin Kaepernick and Mathew Stafford are two great examples of players who would never last that long in real life. Both should be off the board by round seven. The news on Jonathan Stewart's ankles doesn't look good so look for DeAngelo Williams to see a little bit of a bump. Daryl Richardson was announced as the projected starter in St. Louis, but that should shake out closer to drafts.

10.01 109 @RotoRankings Rodgers, Jacquizz ATL RB

10.02 110 @AdamRonis Floyd, Michael ARI WR

10.03 111 @SundaysRule Wright, Kendall TEN WR

10.04 112 @paultheoret Tannehill, Ryan MIA QB

10.05 113 @Brayden581Tony Patterson, Cordarrelle MIN WR(R)

10.06 114 @Moondog2410 Hillman, Ronnie DEN RB

10.07 115 @rpm1010 Jackson, DeSean PHI WR

10.08 116 @coachesser Jackson, Fred BUF RB

10.09 117 @Fantasytaz Rice, Sidney SEA WR

10.10 118 @aidendrakesdad Cook, Jared STL TE

10.11 119 @KVHehateMe Blackmon, Justin JAC WR

10.12 120 @bhucks83 Franklin, Johnathan GBP RB (R)

11.01 121 @bhucks83 Broyles, Ryan DET WR

11.02 122 @KVHehateMe Bennett, Martellus CHI TE

11.03 123 @aidendrakesdad Moore, Denarius OAK WR

11.04 124 @Fantasytaz Daniels, Owen HOU TE

11.05 125 @coachesser Sanders, Emmanuel PIT WR

11.06 126 @rpm1010 Finley, Jermichael GBP TE

11.07 127 @Moondog2410 Thomas, Pierre NOS RB

11.08 128 @Brayden581Tony Eifert, Tyler CIN TE(R)

11.09 129 @paultheoret Cameron, Jordan CLE TE

11.10 130 @SundaysRule Ballard, Vick IND RB

11.11 131 @AdamRonis Stacy, Zac STL RB(R)

11.12 132 @RotoRankings Moreno, Knowshon DEN RB

Justin Blackmon is a gamble who doesn't cost you much down this low. He has WR2 potential, but because of his early season suspension and being a Jaguar he will slide. Not a bad gamble as your fourth wide receiver. Ryan Broyles will be talked about as much this year as Titus Young was last year. I can only hope for better results. Both Eagles' receivers are being drafted very low until everyone sees how Chip Kelly is going to run his offense. I like Maclin more than Jackson, but they are both good gambles if you have an early draft. (I know they're Eagles) Emmanuel Sanders could be a steal late in drafts as the Steelers expect big things from this little receiver. Just look at this article posted at

12.01 133 @RotoRankings Roethlisberger, Ben PIT QB

12.02 134 @AdamRonis Allen, Dwayne IND TE

12.03 135 @SundaysRule Dalton, Andy CIN QB

12.04 136 @paultheoret Bradford, Sam STL QB

12.05 137 @Brayden581Tony Wheaton, Markus PIT WR (R)

12.06 138 @Moondog2410 Gates, Antonio SDC TE

12.07 139 @rpm1010 Williams, Ryan ARI RB

12.08 140 @coachesser Sanu, Mohamed CIN WR

12.09 141 @Fantasytaz Hartline, Brian MIA WR

12.10 142 @aidendrakesdad Leshoure, Mikel DET RB

12.11 143 @KVHehateMe Heyward-Bey, Darrius IND WR

12.12 144 @bhucks83 Randle, Rueben NYG WR

13.01 145 @bhucks83 Randle, Joseph DAL RB (R)

13.02 146 @KVHehateMe Manuel, E.J. BUF QB(R)

13.03 147 @aidendrakesdad Myers, Brandon NYG TE

13.04 148 @Fantasytaz Greene, Shonn TEN RB

13.05 149 @coachesser Gresham, Jermaine CIN TE

13.06 150 @rpm1010 Flacco, Joe BAL QB

13.07 151 @Moondog2410 Rivers, Philip SDC QB

13.08 152 @Brayden581Tony Pettigrew, Brandon DET TE

13.09 153 @paultheoret Murray, Latavius OAK RB (R)

13.10 154 @SundaysRule Miller, Heath PIT TE

13.11 155 @AdamRonis Edelman, Julian NEP WR

13.12 156 @RotoRankings Davis, Fred WAS TE

For now I decided to take Sanu over Randle in this redraft mock. I probably won't when it comes down to the real thing in late August, but for now I did. While I like Sanu and his potential if he wins the WR2 job in Cincinnati I really like Rueben Randle and his skill set, especially with Hakeem Nicks not exactly the healthiest of wide receivers. I would be remiss if I didn't mention the fact that the Giants have produced fantasy relevant third receivers in the past, which makes me start to love Randle even more. Brandon Myers has been drafted as one of the first back-up tight ends off the board at this point in the summer. Andy Dalton was great last year against everyone, except Pittsburgh and Baltimore. The new weapons in Cincinnati should help increase his yardage and TD output. If you can get him as your back up I suggest you grab him.

14.01 157 @RotoRankings Seahawks, Seattle SEA Def

14.02 158 @AdamRonis Palmer, Carson ARI QB

14.03 159 @SundaysRule 49ers, San Francisco SFO Def

14.04 160 @paultheoret Streater, Rod OAK WR

14.05 161 @Brayden581Tony Broncos, Denver DEN Def

14.06 162 @Moondog2410 Bell, Joique DET RB

14.07 163 @rpm1010 Bears, Chicago CHI Def

14.08 164 @coachesser Freeman, Josh TBB QB

14.09 165 @Fantasytaz Keller, Dustin MIA TE

14.10 166 @aidendrakesdad Cutler, Jay CHI QB

14.11 167 @KVHehateMe Ravens, Baltimore BAL Def

14.12 168 @bhucks83 Schaub, Matt HOU QB

15.01 169 @bhucks83 Texans, Houston HOU Def

15.02 170 @KVHehateMe Prater, Matt DEN PK

15.03 171 @aidendrakesdad Vick, Michael PHI QB

15.04 172 @Fantasytaz Gostkowski, Stephen NEP PK

15.05 173 @coachesser Bengals, Cincinnati CIN Def

15.06 174 @rpm1010 Bryant, Matt ATL PK

15.07 175 @Moondog2410 Browns, Cleveland CLE Def

15.08 176 @Brayden581Tony Lattimore, Marcus SFO RB (R)

15.09 177 @paultheoret Dobson, Aaron NEP WR (R)

15.10 178 @SundaysRule Walsh, Blair MIN PK

15.11 179 @AdamRonis Cardinals, Arizona ARI Def

15.12 180 @RotoRankings Dawson, Phil SFO PK

16.01 181 @RotoRankings Rams, St. Louis STL Def

16.02 182 @AdamRonis Bailey, Dan DAL PK

16.03 183 @SundaysRule Packers, Green Bay GBP Def

16.04 184 @paultheoret Patriots, New England NEP Def

16.05 185 @Brayden581Tony Steelers, Pittsburgh PIT Def

16.06 186 @Moondog2410 Janikowski, Sebastian OAK PK

16.07 187 @rpm1010 Giants, New York NYG Def

16.08 188 @coachesser Zuerlein, Greg STL PK

16.09 189 @Fantasytaz Buccaneers, Tampa Bay TBB Def

16.10 190 @aidendrakesdad Tucker, Justin BAL PK

16.11 191 @KVHehateMe James, LaMichael SFO RB

16.12 192 @bhucks83 Tynes, Lawrence TBB PK

As you can see the the first defense didn't go until the 14th round in a 16-round draft. Truth be told it only was drafted because the timer ran out. The guy's power went out and he was forced to take a defense. I don't mind defenses in the third to last round. If the one you want is there go ahead and get it, but if all the acceptable ones are gone take the next position player on your board. The only position players worth talking about in these last few rounds are Aaron Dobson and Dustin Keller. Dobson has great tools, but who knows at this point what the Patriots are going to look like coming out of training camp. Tom Brady has lost so many receivers over the off-season that we really won't know much until after the first few preseason games. Knowing Belichick we may not know anything after those either, so Dobson is a good late round gamble just based on athleticism. Back-up tight ends like Dustin Keller are really where you can see players outplay their average draft position. An athletic tight end going to a downfield passing offense may see Keller put up career high numbers. He seems to be a target of a lot of experts late in drafts and is worth a flier as a backup late in drafts. Jay Cutler is another name that has been coming off boards late, but might pick up steam in August. Marc Trestman, the new Bears coach, has produced excellent quarterback play where ever he has gone and may be just the man to finally get Cutler over the hump. The added weapons of a healthy Alshon Jeffery and Martellus Bennett can only help Cutler's fantasy draft stock. Great back-up material for a running quarterback that might get injured ala RG III or Colin Kaepernick.

This is only the first of many midsummer mock drafts you will see at various sites leading up to your drafts. Try and take in the information for what it is. A baseline for how the fantasy football world feels about these players at this particular time. There will be many ebbs and flows between now and September, but at least we have a baseline to work from.

Check back next week when I will have a post about David Wilson and Rueben Randle and their value in Dynasty League start ups.

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