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Bill Parcells: I would start franchise with LT

Bill Parcells chose Lawrence Taylor as the player he would like to start a franchise with.

Bill Parcells
Bill Parcells
Tim Fuller [USA TODAY Sports]

Lawrence Taylor. That is the player legendary former New York Giants coach Bill Parcells said Wednesday that he would start an NFL franchise with.

"There are priority positions in this game and quarterback is one of those, so I'd consider that," Parcells said on a national conference call leading up to his Pro Football Hall of Fame induction next month. "But if you're pinning me down - I'm a little prejudiced - I think I'd take Lawrence Taylor. I know he's going to be there every Sunday and try his best to win the game."

Parcells, according to the release from, was asked to pick the player he had seen, coached or coached against that he would start a franchise with. Realistically, what other answer would you expect him to give? Taylor record 132.5 sacks in a Hall of Fame career that helped Parcells and the Giants win two Super Bowls, and changed the linebacker position.

Parcells compiled a 172-139-1 (.569) record in the regular season and 11-8 (.579) in the postseason during his coaching career. His overall record was 183-138-1 (.570). Parcells is 10th in NFL history in both regular season and total victories.

Parcells is one of 13 head coaches with more than one Super Bowl victory, one of five coaches to lead two different franchises to the Super Bowl and the only head coach in NFL history to take four different franchises to the postseason.