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New York Giants news, 7/16: Holdout possible for Justin Pugh?

New York Giants news and notes for Tuesday morning.

Justin Pugh
Justin Pugh

Could Justin Pugh, the New York Giants' first-round draft pick, be headed for a training camp holdout? Pro Football Talk on Monday broke down how that is a possibility while pointing out that Pugh, drafted 19th, is only unsigned player drafted in the 14-21 range in 2013.

PFT believes the amount of guaranteed money could be the issue holding up a deal between Pugh and the Giants.

The difference is whether all of Pugh’s compensation 2016 will be guaranteed, or whether half of it will be guaranteed. Roughly $750,000 is in issue, and Pugh will get the money if the Giants don’t cut him before the roster bonus in that amount comes due in March 2016.

It will all boil down to a battle of wills. Specifically, how willing will the Giants be to piss off Pugh — and how willing will he be to piss of coach Tom Coughlin by holding out?

Let's hope it doesn't come to that. If it does a holdout certainly would diminish Pugh's chance of earning the right tackle job.

One other note. At this point Pugh and quarterback Ryan Nassib, the fourth-round pick, remain unsigned. Both are from Syracuse University.

More Giants News

Victor Cruz spent Monday making the media rounds, largely to continue to apologize for his tweet that George Zimmerman "wouldn't last a year" after being acquitted in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin.

"Once I put it out [there], I read it, and I was like, ‘You know, it was the wrong thing to do,’ " Cruz told WFAN’s Boomer Esiason and Craig Carton. "I see kids that follow me. I’m a role model to a lot of these kids, and they follow me and look up to me, and I felt like it wasn’t the right thing to post."

Valentine's View: As was pointed out Monday in the comments here at BBV the best thing about this is that Cruz is not hiding from his mistake or blaming someone else. He is owning it, and sincerely showing regret over his momentary poor judgment.

Giants' quarterback Eli Manning has the biggest salary-cap number in the NFL in 2013. On another note, the pictures below shown that Eli's great escape in the 2007 Super Bowl victory over the New England Patriots was in his genes.

Quarterback Sage Rosenfels, who spent 2010 with the Giants, has officially announced his retirement. Rosenfels, 35, did not play in 2012.