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New York Giants' Antrel Rolle: 'No switches in football'

During an appearance on Sirius XM NFL Radio on Wednesday Giants' safety Antrel Rolle discussed a wide range of topics.

Antrel Rolle
Antrel Rolle

Antrel Rolle, asked Wednesday on Sirius XM NFL Radio about the inconsistency of the New York Giants the past couple of seasons, said the Giants "kept expecting that light switch to come on" last season when they were defending Super Bowl champs. It never did, as we know now, and the Giants missed the playoffs.

"There are no switches in football. You create your own luck. I didn't want us as a team to believe that we had a switch that we could turn off and on. That's something you have to work and dig deep and grab for. Unfortunately we weren't able to do that last year.," Rolle said. "We had the opportunity, several opportunities to put ourselves in the postseason but we failed to do so.

"I think that bothered me more than anything when everyone kept expecting that light switch to come on as if it was gonna be automatic. There's nothing automatic in football, especially when you're dealing with 31 other hungry teams out there."

Rolle also discussed wide receivers Hakeem Nicks and Victor Cruz during his appearance on Sirius XM.

About Cruz, Rolle said:

"He finds the right spot, and more importantly he has a great quarterback to make sure he delivers to him on time at that particular spot.

"Second of all he's a guy that works extremely hard. He was an unproven free agent and he had to go out there and prove himself. That's exactly what he did. He's a guy that's constantly working."

About Nicks' decision to skip OTAs:

"Hakeem had to do what was best for Hakeem. We need him healthy. Hakeem had to take care of Hakeem. Myself or anyone else cannot speak on his behalf, whether it was right or wrong."

Whatever you think of Rolle, the Giants safety is always entertaining and thought-provoking when he gets in front of a microphone.

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