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New York Giants' news, 7/10: Cruz reactions, much more

New York Giants news and notes for Wednesday morning.


Good morning, New York Giants' fans! Here are your Wednesday morning links.

Jason Keidel of CBS New York says the Victor Cruz deal is the latest example of why the Giants are a better organization that the New York Jets.

The Giants often reach their goals because they are the antithesis of the Jets. Or are the Jets the antithesis of the Giants? No matter, one does business by volume and the other with volume. The Giants, to borrow anther Star Trek metaphor, are about the needs of the team over the needs of the player. The Giants are about understatement, a corporate cadence and decency; the Jets are about headlines and gaseous prognostications and decibels.

Linebacker Spencer Paysinger says the Giants were "chasing a ghost" in 2012. I have heard similar remarks from other players. Here is Paysinger's full comment:

Two years ago, we had that great run to the Super Bowl at the end of the season and last year was kind of a letdown for us. A lot of guys felt like we were chasing a ghost, trying to recreate our Super Bowl run. But you can’t recreate catching lightning in a bottle. You have to do something different to get back to that place.

Ralph Vacchiano of the New York Daily News is saying that wide receiver Hakeem Nicks has recently "sounded very lukewarm about re-signing with the Giants before he becomes an unrestricted free agent next spring."

Before you get all worked up about that put yourself in Nicks' shoes. He is coming off an injury-plagued sub-par 2012 season. Now is not the time to be asking for a rich long-term deal. His best bet is to play out the season, hopefully have a big year and then use the leverage of free agency to try and get more money from the Giants. Or, just hit free agency and see what he is worth on the open market.

Safety Antrel Rolle appeared on 'NFL Total Access' Tuesday evening. Here is what he said about Nicks and Cruz:

"When you look at Nicks you might not think he is moving as fast but when you are up against him, running with him, you understand this guy is moving. His hands are probably the biggest I've ever seen on a receiver. I call him ‘The Silent killer.' His routes are so smooth; everything he does is so smooth.

"While Victor Cruz is going to always put a little bit of salsa on it. I think he goes out there and gives you the wiggles, gives you the shake and he is exceptionally quick. If he takes a step on you, you can pretty much cancel Christmas."

In an e-mail exchange with the New York Post Eli Manning wrote that it's "great" the Cruz has signed his contract.

"It’s great to get Victor signed long-term and before the start of training camp,’’ Manning wrote. "Obviously, he has been a big part of our offense. He has worked really hard on the field to become the player he is and I look forward to continuing our work together."

Fullback Vonta Leach is still stringing the Miami Dolphins along and "has not dropped New Jersey from his list of potential destinations." The Miami Herald added that Leach is "waiting for a couple weeks to see if another team is willing to give him a more sizable contract."

If you are really dying for one, has released a Supplemental Mock Draft.

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