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New York Giants offseason: Five players on the hot seat

Kelsey looks at five New York Giants players on the hot seat heading into the 2013 season.

Stephen Dunn

As the New York Giants prepare for the 2013 season, there are a handful of of players that have more than something to prove. Some are looking to keep their jobs. Here is a list of players that are likely on the hot seat more than others this season.

Ramses Barden
Every year Barden has something to prove and every year he doesn't prove it. In his first four years he has just 29 receptions for 394 yards. He had one good game last season where he caught nine passes for 138 yards, but he rarely saw the field again for the rest of the season. I honestly don't understand why the Giants keep holding on to him.

Justin Tuck
Tuck is in the final year of his contract and the last two years he has been in a major funk, combining just for nine sacks and 53 tackles. The defensive captain needs to prove he can still be the Tuck of old. If he doesn't, even if the Giants sign him again, he won't have the playing time he's used to.

Corey Webster
Webster is one of those guys I'm shocked to still see around. Instead of getting cut from the team his pay was cut. The defensive backs in 2012 had so many struggles, and Webster was the center of the problems. Webster has to improve on if he wants to stay in a Giant uniform next year.

Hakeem Nicks
It's nothing Nicks did wrong. As he enters the final year of his contract he needs to prove that he can play a healthy season and put up Nicks type of numbers. If he doesn't, he could test the market and end up somewhere else.

David Diehl
This one is the easiest to me. There's no question how weak Diehl has become at right tackle and it showed last season when he was hurt and Sean Locklear took over. The only way Diehl stays on this team even as a backup is if he stays healthy. With the massive pay cut he took, though, I won't be surprised if he's not playing next year.

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