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New York Giants' news, 6/30: Sunday reading material

New York Giants news and notes for the final day of June.

Antrel Rolle
Antrel Rolle
The Star-Ledger-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning, New York Giants' fans! It's a summer Sunday without real football news, but we still have a few Giants-related items for you to read this morning.

Safety has sacrificed stats by switching positions when needed -

It no longer is a dirty little secret within the Giants defense that Rolle rarely plays his natural position, which is free safety. It is not a sign of decline that Rolle has just five interceptions in his three seasons with the Giants after amassing 10 interceptions in his previous three years with the Cardinals. With the Giants too often a man down at cornerback, Rolle has been asked — actually told — that for the greater good of the defense, he must spend far too much time playing nickel cornerback, perhaps the most demanding spot in the entire secondary. Rolle can do it, but not at the heightened level he reaches when allowed to roam at deep safety.

"We always shoot for that each and every year. We always shoot for me to play the safety role and stay at the safety role but it’s never happened, unfortunately,’’ Rolle said. "At one point in time I would get frustrated. … It’s a part of growing up, a part of being professional and most important a part of just being a team player and doing whatever you have to do in order for this team to be successful.’’

Valentine's View: I have a lot of respect for what Rolle has done in accepting what the Giants have asked him to do, which has not been the role they signed him for. In many ways he has become the emotional -- and vocal -- leader of the defense.

FOOTBALL: New York Giants' Terrell Thomas working with youth in hometown -

He' s still recovering from a knee injury that has kept him off the field for two seasons, but New York Giants cornerback Terrell Thomas wasnt about to let that keep him from his fifth annual youth football camp.

"I haven't played in two years, and people may wonder why I am out here doing this camp again," Thomas said. "It's all about giving back to the community where you came from. "Teaching these kids about persevering, facing adversity and keeping a positive attitude through it all."

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