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Big Blue View Mailbag: Answering reader questions

Answering questions from some of our Facebook followers.


Asked our friends on Facebook and Twitter for some Big Blue View Mailbag questions recently. As they usually do, our Facebook followers came through with some good ones.

John Zullo asks:

Assuming Coughlin coaches a few more seasons, who do you think will be his successor? (other than Bill Cowher)

Valentine's View: I think it is impossible to answer this question right now. You simply have to wait and see how many more years Coughlin is willing to stick around, because there is no way to know who will be available at that time.

Christopher Rivero asks:

When you were at camp did you see anything from Michael Jasper to have potential. ...besides his size.

Valentine's View: No, not really. Of course, players are not in pads and there is no real contact. It's tough, however, to see Jasper as a guy who is athletic enough to make it.

Bill Regan asks:

Which players are poised for a breakout season?

Valentine's View: First, breakout players. My top five candidates would be David Wilson, Rueben Randle, Prince Amukamara, Spencer Paysinger, Adrien Robinson. Now, Coughlin. I think he has at least a couple of seasons, if not more, left in the tank. Of course, all bets are off if the Giants win another Super Bowl.

Ari Israel asks:

Should we try to get [Vonta] Leach? Will we get Leach? What will we do with the Hynocerous if we get Leach?

Valentine's View: If you read here regularly, you already know how I feel about this. Should we try to get Leach? It never hurts to ask what it might cost, but Leach is not necessary unless Hynoski is out for the year. Will we get Leach? Virtually no chance of that. What would we do with Hynoski if we had Leach? Beats me, but having both guys makes zero sense.