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Victor Cruz, reality TV star? Say it ain't so

The Daily News is reporting that Victor Cruz is in talks for a reality TV show.

Victor Cruz
Victor Cruz

Oh, no! That was my immediate reaction when I read the news that New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz is in talks to land a reality TV series.

Has anything good ever come from a reality TV show for an athlete? Certainly not for basketball player Kris Humphries. Swimmer Ryan Lochte got embarrassed by being dumped over the phone. Hulk Hogan -- more entertainer than athlete, I know -- watched his family disintegrate thanks largely to his reality show.

Cruz is saying the right things -- telling the New York Daily News that he wants the show to be "very unique to me" and that with the Super Bowl at MetLife Stadium "we have got to be ready to go."

Yet, the idea that Cruz is strongly considering the idea of a reality TV show -- a distraction for him and possibly his teammates -- is disturbing. What happened to the player who turned down 'Dancing With The Stars' a couple of years ago to keep his focus on football?

Maybe Cruz, still trying to negotiate a rich long-term deal with the Giants, truly believes he can do both and be can build his off the field brand without having that negatively impact his -- or his team's -- performance. Yet, when he also told the Daily News that "I have got to squeeze in some training in there before the season starts" my first thought was that the comment indicated that perhaps his focus isn't entirely on being the best football player he can be.

Perhaps this is an over-reaction. I don't know Cruz -- I have only talked to him once. I have no way of knowing what type of work he is doing in the gym to get ready for the 2013 NFL season. I only know that this news indicates to me that, at least to some degree, Cruz's priorities have shifted. And that is cause for concern.