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New York Giants' news, 6/3: Playing the 'what if?' game

What if Eli Manning stayed in San Diego? How would the fates of three franchises have changed?

Adrien Robinson
Adrien Robinson
Jim McIsaac

Good morning, New York Giants' fans! Here are your Monday morning links.

N 'if' L: What if Eli Manning hadn't been traded to New York? - NFL Videos
Dave Dameshek explores what would've happened had Eli Manning, Ben Roethlisberger and Philip Rivers all landed with different teams in the 2004 NFL Draft. Animation courtesy of

These 10 NFL head coach firings are worst of the worst -
7. Tom Coughlin, Jacksonville Jaguars: The franchise's first coach stayed with the expansion team from 1995-2002 before being fired. He took his team to the playoffs four times and finished with a 68-60 record in Jacksonville. After a year off he took over the New York Giants and has won two Super Bowl titles while compiling an overall record of 91-64.

New York Giants Tight End Adrien Robinson is Ready for a Breakout Season - Yahoo! Sports

Robinson, who went to the University of Cincinnati, was one of the last of the Giants rookie class to finish his college courses. By the time he had finished and had joined the team, he had missed a fair number of the OTAs which, in addition to the on-field work, includes valuable classroom time that, once missed, is virtually impossible for a young player to make up, no matter how much extra time he spends studying.

"I think going through OTAs this year, seeing how slowly the coaches install the plays and understanding how everything feeds off each other, I realize that I did miss a lot last year by coming in so late and trying to jumpstart everything," Robinson said. "I've been here since the (offseason) program started, and it's a new year. I'm just trying to work my way up."

Robinson said he's encouraged by the results of his hard work thus far. "I think the biggest improvement I've made is in my understanding of the offense and knowing the plays, my assignments, where to line up, and how to read the defenses," he said. "Last year, I didn't get many game reps, so I had to watch a lot, which helped, but it's not the same as lining up on the field."

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