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New York Giants' news, 6/28: Tiki talks up David Wilson

Tiki Barber thinks David Wilson can become a great player.

Tiki Barber
Tiki Barber
Andrew Burton

Good morning, New York Giants' fans! Back in the saddle this morning after a too-short trip to Cape Cod, and I have an interesting collection of links for you along with some commentary. Here goes.

Tiki Barber: David Wilson 'as dynamic' as NYG ever had - ESPN New York

"He is as dynamic a player at that position that the Giants have ever had," Barber said this week at the Big Daddy Celebrity Golf Classic. "So it is just a matter of him learning those little intricacies of what it takes to be great."

Valentine's View: This might be the first thing to come out of Barber's mouth that Giants fans will actually want to listen to in years.

NYG RB David Wilson is named the 2013 FFToolbox Breakout Player

Many of us at FFToolbox are in agreement that New York Giants running back David Wilson WILL be a breakout stud in 2013. Sure, anything is possible. He could break his foot getting out of his car tomorrow and this article would mean nothing. More accurately, with as much vim and vigor one man can feel about making an educated guess, I assert that Wilson really is as good as the hype that surrounds him.

Justin Tuck of New York Giants says defense has to carry team and not rely on quarterback Eli Manning -

"I hope the defense can carry this team,’’ Tuck said yesterday at the Big Daddy Celebrity Golf Classic at Oheka Castle in Huntington, L.I. "We have to think like we’re going to carry the team and that might be something we’ve lacked, because our offense is so good, thinking we can kind of give up this and that.

"That has to kind of get away from us this year and approach the game in a way that those ’80s teams did with LT [Lawrence Taylor] and Harry [Carson] and all those guys. They went into the game trying to kill the offense and not give ’em anything. We have to get back to that on defense.’’

Valentine's View: Tuck is on the money here. As much fun as it is to watch the Giants pile up yardage and point, Giants Football is defensive football. At least, winning Giants Football is defensive football.

Are New York Giants really in the mix for Vonta Leach? - ESPN

I don't know what to tell you with regard to the Giants, who cut their best blocking running back (Ahmad Bradshaw), lost their best blocking tight end (Martellus Bennett) to free agency and may be without their very good blocking fullback, Henry Hynoski, for a while due to a knee injury. They could surely use Leach, and I'm sure it's true that they're interested. But everything I've heard says Miami is where he's going, and jeez, his agent is saying that's where he thinks Leach belongs. It sounds as though the Giants and maybe some other teams could get competitive if they could free up the salary-cap room to compete with what the Dolphins are offering, but I don't see how the Giants do that at this point in the offseason. They may be stuck.

Valentine's View: The snippet above comes from ESPN blogger Dan Graziano. Let's just get over it. Leach is not going to be a Giant, even if his agent says the Giants are among the top three contenders.. Leach and his agent keep tossing the Giants into the mix in the hopes of getting some more cash out of the Miami Dolphins, who he seems almost certain to sign with. The Giants have no money to offer. Plus, the only way Leach makes sense is if Hynoski is out for the year -- and no one has come remotely close to hinting at that.

Here is a tweet from Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald about Leach: